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“Homesick” is our graduation film, created as part of our studies in the screen arts department at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. The film has won numerous awards and has been shown in more than 65 film festivals in over 40 countries. The film tells the story of a young girl after a crisis in her life that forces her to return to her parents' home. Her reappearance shakes the delicate balance in the family nest, yet brings with her warmth and old happy memories.


This film was produced with the support of NFCT

Original score: Yotam Aloof

Sound effects and mix: Ilan Admon

Musicians: Nadav Lavie, Ahiad Ohali

2D fx artist: Guy Osnat

Compositing assistant: Ory Pinchasy


Best Story - TAF Thessaloniki Animation Festival - October 2018
Best Student Film - The Vision Feast, New Zealand - December 2018
Best Student Film - European Cinematography AWARDS (ECA) , Poland - February 2019
Best Film 16+ - ZEBRA animation friendly festiva, Slovenia - July 2019
Best Student Animation Film -  Chaniartoon International Comic & Animation Festival, Greece - September 2019
Honorable Mention - Animasivo, Mexico - December 2018

Festival's Screenings \\ Official Selection

August 2018, ASIF festival, Israel
September 2018, MOSTRA LIVRE DE CINEMA, Brazil
September 2018, FilmAid Film Festival, Kenya
September 2018, Fimucinema - Fimucité, Canary Islands
September 2018, Rome Independent Prisma Awards, Italy
October 2018, Balkanima, Serbia
October 2018, HAIFA film festival, Israel
October 2018, TAF Thessaloniki Animation Festival, Thessaloniki
October 2018, Curtas Fest, Spain
October 2018, The Animattikon Project, Cyprus
October 2018, Manchester Animation Festival, UK
October 2018, Ficma, Spain
November 2018, Caminhos Film Festival, Portugal
November 2018, (Barcelona International Environmental Film Festival (FICMA), Spain
November 2018, Panama Animation Fest, Panama
November 2018, Animax Skopje Fest, Macedonia
November 2018, ASFF As Film Festival, Italy
December 2018, The Vision Feast, New Zealand
December 2018, Animasivo, Mexico
January 2019, Pensacon Short Film Festival, USA
February 2019, Short Movie Club, Belarus
February 2019, European Cinematography AWARDS (ECA), Poland
February 2019, Animac: International Animation Film Festival, Spain
March 2019, Tricky women, Austria
March 2019, Monstra, Portugal
March 2019, Animation Dingle, Ireland
March 2019, 23. Cine-Maniacs Filmfest, Germany
March 2019, Festival de Largos y Cortos de Santiago, Germany
March 2019, Monstra, Portugal
March 2019, Tokyo Anime Award Festival, Japan
April 2019, RiverRun International Film Festival, USA
April 2019, KingstOOn 2019, Jamaica
April 2019, Atlanta Film Festival, USA
May 2019, Anifilm, Czech Republic
June 2019, Tel Aviv Student Film Festival, Israel
July 2019, ZEBRA animation friendly festival, Slovenia
July 2019, Almaty Indie Film Festival, Kazakhstan
August 2019, Imaginaria, Italy
August 2019, ANIMAZE -Montreal International Animation Film Festival, Canada
September 2019, 16th IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival, Bulgaria
September 2019, ANNY: Animation Nights New York, USA
September 2019, Firenze Film Festival, Italy
September 2019, Chaniartoon, Greece
October 2019, STIFF, Student International Film Festival, Croatia
January 2020, Palm Springs International Film Festival, USA

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