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Studio Plonter is a creative collaboration that specializes in animation, motion graphics, and magic tricks! We will take any idea, complex or abstract, and will turn it into an accessible, interesting, and magical story. In our studio, we believe that animation must be fun so we take our job very seriously. We will write, direct and produce your idea into the best and most beautiful story, allowing it to reach anyone around the world and leave an unforgettable impact.


The world is made out of many stories which are waiting for us to find them, polish them and wrap them up nicely. I'll be your first stop in this magical journey. Share your visions and ideas with me and together we will turn them into a new untold story.


Colors, strokes, and shapes are the beginning of everything. When they are collaborating together- harmony and peace are being born. When they are competing with each other - tension, drama, and action are coming to the world. After your story gets its perfect character,

I will pick the right colors and shapes that tell your story in the best way possible.


After your story gets it's characteristics, I will give it the rhythm, motion and pulse. My job is to bring your story alive. It is a gentle process in which all of the details are being layered carefully, drawing after drawing, element after element. Only when I stop for a moment and step backward I can see that the magic already happened.

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