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Have you seen Riverdale too?
Seven seasons of... and... and also….. this series really.....You know what? You just have to watch it! or not. Forget it, don't watch it - BUT check out the YouTube channel of YouTuber Alex Meyers who has been following all the seasons closely for seven years, creating tear-jerking summaries of everything good (and everything bad) about this series. In honor of the broadcast of the absolutely last episode of the series - we teamed up with Alex to create this Wako animated musical that sums up the entire series. As you can see we had a lot of fun working with Alex on this project, You can find the full video and all the other episodes on Alex's YouTube channel!


Produced and directed by Plonter Animation
Music and sound design: Alex Meyers
2D Animation: Yosef Balaclav

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