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We are visual storytelling experts!


Our mission is to create outstanding stories that are as captivating to hear as they are impossible to look away from.
Our visuals speak LOUDER than words, and every frame unfolds a new adventure. Let us breathe life into your game and shape it into an unforgettable experience that players will hold dear.


Who we are?

We are the PLONTERS!
We are dreaming stories, breathing animation, and eating games for breakfast!

Our team is made of talented directors, storytellers, animators, and concept art legends - who will do whatever it takes to give your game a cinematic touch - that will make it an adventure that players won’t forget!

What we do

Long story short - narrative cinematic animation! Little sparks of creativity that make your game fuller and your storyline deeper. These are some of the products we offer to Level up your game experience:

In-game Cut-scenes
UI Animations
Trailers and teasers

Marketing Content

Creative Ads

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Wanna play?


+ 972 53 5313 613

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