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An animated video clip for the amazing song "ALIEN" by the musician Dennis Lloyd


Produced by: Plonter Animation Studio
Directed by: Yoav Aluf
Art Direction: Hila Einy
Supervising Animator: Noy Bar
Storyboarding: Ory Pinchasy
Compositing: Ido Hartmann
Layout and Background Artist: Lee Dror
Background Artist: Nofar Alfasi
Key Animator: Shahar Muller, Joseph Balaclav, Sapir Danan
Clean-up and inbetween artist: Sapir Danan, Ronalee Israel
Additional Animator: Guy Osnat SFX: Yotam Aloof
Executive producers: Omri Rozi, Josh Fluxgold, Sam Fluxgold
Written by: Noa Shrenzel and Omri Rozi

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