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Our studio creates unique brand stories to increase brand awareness, boost exposure and drive viewers to act.
So, what is your story?

Our Bread N’ Butter

Take a look at the case studies of some of the products we do best

Our Work

brand's story

Brand's story and Employer branding

Every brand has a reason,

a solution that makes the world a better place.
Our mission is to help those brands to increase brand’s awareness and spark their audience's engagement.

Animation explainers

Explainers and Products animations

Sometimes it’s not easy to explain and show exactly what you offer and why it’s essential.
Our job is to create a short and clear but also extraordinary and Awe-inspiring animation (yes, we can do both) to tell your story, attract more clients and increase conversions.

Social media animations

Social network animations

We are all on social media! Reading the latest news, looking for new business opportunities, stalking our Exes. Short animated content can stand out on social media, deliver a clear and unique message and increase clicks to your accounts and website.

Animated content

Animated content

Telling stories, creating new worlds, breaking the laws of physics are some of the things we like the most about our job. TV shows, teasers and animated music videos are the reasons why we float out of bed every morning.

Our Clients

"Our love story with Plonter animation studio began when an idea sparked in my mind.

I needed someone to help me to communicate our brand's story. Then we met Yoav and the team.
I felt like we had something special here from the first moment. It was love from first sight.
We worked tightly together for almost two months. The Plonters came up with outstanding creative ideas and thoughts combined with uncompromised professionalism. I swear that for some moments, I considered working with Plonter because I had such a good experience!"

Gal Gafni - Recruits manager, Tikal Knowledge

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